[TRANS] 160128 LU:KUS praises Jaejoong’s self composed japanese song ‘Wasurenaide’, “The lyrics and melody are really beautiful”


(Translator’s Note: I translated this article keeping in mind that it was regarding Jaejoong’s music composition and because I personally love this song and it’s lyrics.)

[NEWS] LU:KUS, ”Wasurenaide (Tohoshinki’s song) the lyrics and melody are really beautiful”

LU:KUS performed Live at K-StageO! on the 26th and talked about the beauty of the lyrics of Tohoshinki’s song “Wasurenaide.”

LU:KUS is a 5 membered male idol group, who debuted in Korea in July 2014. And is planned for their major debut on 17th Feb with Universal Music Joint Company with “Break Ya”.

At the Live on the 26th, (sang) cover of 3 of Tohoshinki’s songs and presented infront of the fans. Amongst which one song was “忘れないで/Wasurenaide (Don’t Forget Me)”, after (they) finished singing which, the members conveyed their impressions and the (degree of) difficulties of the song. “At first I didn’t understand the meaning of the lyrics saying, ‘aenakute mo ii, aitai…

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