[SCAN + TRANS] 150612 The Golden Age of ‘Original Cast’ in Musicals


 photo CHQhxuPUAAAIqdC.jpg

Ticket open was sold out in just about 10 minutes.

As expected, Kim Junsu and Hong Kwang-ho’s ticket power is tremendous. For musical ‘Death Note'(from June 20 to August 9 at Seongnam Arts Center) –which is putting forward them as the main characters in the ‘original cast'(single appearances)–, 60,000 tickets –70% [of the overall total]– of the advance showing performances were sold out. The remaining ticket is not made open yet. The work continuing its domestic premiere is unproven but is running with pure star power.


The disadvantage of an original cast is the very health of its actors. If there is a bad throat condition, they cannot climb up on the stage. Physical management is the key to performance success. Kim Junsu does not drink alcohol or smoke, but is extremely careful [about his health]. Because there is no way to satisfy his fans if there’s even some…

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