[OTHER TWITTER] 150612 Kim Suk Jin shares Jaejoong’s 2nd letter to her


 photo 150612kkjj4.png

The second letter by our youngest. Seeing the hand-written letter alone is good ㅎ Private Kim Jaejoong who’s invulnerable to even MERS~ To the fans, please also look after your health.

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To Anna nuna~
Oh~ It’s great to get a letter from you at 55th Infantry Division!
I’ve gained 9kg and I’ve been watching my weight because I also feel that it may be dangerous to gain more weight~ But I think 6kg of that 9kg I gained is muscle~
There is a merit to have our parents in Seoul, right? It’s close~ and we can respond faster when they are sick and most of all, I think it is great that they are not as lonely~
How are you doing? I don’t worry about you! Because you always take good care of yourself~!

Sources: @kkjj4
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3 + @inheaven_wjyj
Shared by:JYJ3

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