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[TRANS] 150622 2015 Idols’ Acting Report Card in the First Half (of the Year) – Accounts for Kim Jaejoong & Park Yuchun


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◆Kim Jaejoong & Park Yuchun, I am not an ‘acting-dol’ but an ‘actor’ now

Enlisting into the army on active duty a while ago, JYJ Kim Jaejoong chose KBS2 ‘Spy’ as his last project before he enlisted. He has broadened his acting range through various projects –like, a fusion-historical drama that crosses time and space, comedy movie, and melodrama– for the past 4 years since debuting as an actor through 2011’s SBS ‘Protect the Boss’ in the past. In the drama [‘Spy’], Kim Sunwoo who he acted as, is a NIS personnel but a field agent who must be active in concealing his own job from his family. Kim Jaejoong assimilated naturally into acting that goes between two extremes –with cool-headed charisma during his job as an agent, image of a charming son in front of his family members; and image of an affectionate boyfriend in front of his girlfriend–…

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[RANKING] 150620 Japanese women rank the top 10 flower boys of Korea – #1 Kim JaeJoong


[INTIZ] 150620 Japanese women rank the top 10 flower boys of Korea  – #1 Kim JaeJoong 

1. JYJ’s Jae Joong
2. Super Junior’s Heechul
3. TVXQ’s Changmin
4. CNBLUE’s Yong Hwa
5. Super Junior’s Donghae
6. SHINee’s Taemin
7. 2PM’s Nichkhun
9. 2PM’s Taecyeon
10. EXO’s Kai

While many Korean netizens agree that the men on the list are very handsome, some have commented that all the men chosen have the same type of aura, thus showing the type of looks many Japanese women love in a man.

1. Jaejoong is just the one top him and Heechul are the real stuff…. he went to eat at Korean town there once and the store almost exploded because so many people were trying to get in

2. I was like “they must really like pretty guys”…and then I saw Kai and got a heart attack. Please love our kid…

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[NEWS] 150620 JYJ’s Junsu Reflects on His First Performance of “Death Note” Musical


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JYJ‘s Junsu shared his thoughts on finishing his first preview performance of “Death Note” musical as the gifted “L.”

The singer relayed his message to his agency C-Jes Entertainment, saying, “The first performance always makes me nervous, scared, and excited. I was confident thanks to the star-studded cast and I had a great time being with the audience for the first time in a while. Thank you to everyone who has been with me since I got the role for L on ‘Death Note.’ I’ll try my best to do much better until the very last performance.”

Meanwhile, “Death Note” musical will be staged in Seongnam Art Center‘s Opera House until August 9.

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[PIC/OTHER INSTAGRAM] 150617 Fan got Private Jaejoong’s sign from her dad ^^


[PHOTO] #InstaSize #JYJ #김재중 #싸인
어머어머..집에오니 뙇!!!!! 감사합니다😍
잘 간직하겠습니당🙏🏼 받아준 아빠에게도 감사를😚❤️

[TRANS] #JYJ #Kim_Jaejoong #sign
omo omo..what I came home to; it’s amazing!!!!! Thank you😍
I’ll treasure it well🙏🏼 I’m also thankful for my dad who brought it to me😚❤️

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[SCAN + TRANS] 150612 The Golden Age of ‘Original Cast’ in Musicals


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Ticket open was sold out in just about 10 minutes.

As expected, Kim Junsu and Hong Kwang-ho’s ticket power is tremendous. For musical ‘Death Note'(from June 20 to August 9 at Seongnam Arts Center) –which is putting forward them as the main characters in the ‘original cast'(single appearances)–, 60,000 tickets –70% [of the overall total]– of the advance showing performances were sold out. The remaining ticket is not made open yet. The work continuing its domestic premiere is unproven but is running with pure star power.


The disadvantage of an original cast is the very health of its actors. If there is a bad throat condition, they cannot climb up on the stage. Physical management is the key to performance success. Kim Junsu does not drink alcohol or smoke, but is extremely careful [about his health]. Because there is no way to satisfy his fans if there’s even some…

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[OTHER TWITTER] 150614 Kim Suk Jin Twitter Update


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I have to tell everyone –who visit, phone, or sent care packages to Jaejoongie’s unit after he receive his placement into his unit– that you’ve made it difficult for him there. I suggest all of the fans save it since your minds & hearts are thoroughly known. When Jaejoongie gets discharged [from the army], please express your fullest to him then~^^

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[PIC/OTHER INSTAGRAM] 150613 June Shin shares a photo with Private Kim Jaejoong


[PHOTO] 망할 메르스 땜에 면회도 못가고 답답한데 생각해보니 나보다 훨씬 더 답답하겠다!!
그냥 문득 생각남… 몸조심

[TRANS] It’s frustrating I can’t even go visit because of goddamn MERS; but the more I come to think of it, it’s much more frustrating!!
It just suddenly crossed my mind… taking care of yourself

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