[NEWS] 150505 JYJ-SM battle must go on


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By Kwon Ji-youn

JYJ member Kim Jun-su’s rare appearance on nationwide television on April 30 has sparked new interest in the opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy lawmaker Choi Min-hee and her “JYJ law.”

Choi tabled a revised law on April 14 that aims to prevent broadcasters from banning or blacklisting artists without a justifiable reason and the main beneficiaries of this revised law, if passed, will undoubtedly be JYJ.

Kim’s performance on EBS’s “Space Sympathy” marked his first appearance on a televised music production in six years.

Choi seems to think an understanding between SM and the broadcasters is behind JYJ’s prolonged absence from such programs, and industry insiders agree, saying broadcasters do not find it necessary to cross swords with entertainment cartels such as SM.

“Despite the Fair Trade Commission’s (FTC) request in July 2013 for JYJ’s previous agency to refrain from interfering with the group’s business activities…

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