[INFO/TRANS] 150507 The TOP20 WEEKLY HOT TV-PROGRAM in Drama & Non-Drama categories, for the 1st week of May


For the First Week of May 2015

 photo 220352772666-drama.png

First, the No.1 spot as seen in the Drama section has drama <The Girl Who Sees Smells> holding unmovable at the No.1 spot since 2 weeks ago. As it comprises the weight of as much as 13.51% out of a total of 88,613 posts, it has been confirmed that it receives a lot of interests continuously. <The Girl Who Sees Smells> has shown great popularity day by day as even viewers’ interests toward Park Yuchun-ssi being the main character, occupies the No.1 spot, as expected.

 photo 220352772666-nondrama.png

The No.5 spot in the Non-Drama section is considered to be the most unusual this week. EBS’s <Space Empathy> came into the upper rankings, leaping up 41 steps. Of course, the reason for such interests is because of Kim Junsu, aka XIA Junsu, who appeared the past week. Active as JYJ after splitting from TVXQ and coming onto a…

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