[TRANS] 150501 Kim Jaejoong’s Mom and Sister Letters to JJ & Fans + 20km Full Kit March


Kim Jaejoong’s Sister Letter to Jaejoong:

“I was so happy because I got to talk to you on the phone yesterday
It’s so strange that you use honorifics all the time
But it sounds really cute somehow
The weather is so nice today
Best weather to go out and have fun
But our Joong…
You are going for a night marching, right?
You are almost at the final stage of the training.
Do your best till the end, our Joong!
You hit 19 of the 20 in target shooting yesterday.
You were 15th out of 200+ in running.
Our Joong is in tops whatever you do
because you always do your best
It reminds me of what you told me before you went in
Didn’t you said that you aren’t gonna try hard?
We told you, because of your character,
you would do your best, Kkkk
As we expected,… lol
Kim Jaejoong…

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