[NEWS] 150502 Kim Junsu “I’m thirty this year, yet I get embarrassed over the word ‘idol’..”


Kim Junsu captured seats to make an appearance as a special guest at Gummy’s solo concert.

In Gummy’s solo concert held at Ewha Womans University’s Samsung Hall in Seodaemun district of Seoul on the evening of May 1, Kim Junsu received a big round of applause with his appearance where he interacted with the audience on a splendid stage.

Kim Junsu had said, “Even though I did come as a guest in the concert at this time, I am standing on a guest stage for the first time, since being one for Fly to the Sky and Kangta sunbae-nim’s concert more than 10 years ago. I really like it, and also it’s a pleasure and honor to have come for Gummy’s performance where there are many people counting by the most hands”.

 photo 201505020641085010_1.jpg
 photo 2015050207512213456.jpg

Kim Junsu lead a jovial atmosphere while breathing in close to with the audience, like when he inquire about…

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