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[PIC] ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ on the cover of 《电视剧》 (April 2015 issue) Vol. 348


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[INFO] ‘TGWSS’ cover story will start on page 4

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[NEWS] 150417 Fans Help JYJ Member Break TV Boycott


Over 200 smitten teenage girls and young women congregated at EBS headquarters in Dogok-dong in southern Seoul on Monday to see JYJ’s Kim Jun-su on stage.

He was performing on EBS’ music show. It was a rare exception to the usual indie lineup, made possible by the persistence of JYJ fans. Since Kim released a solo album in March, fans kept writing requests on the EBS’ website to have him on the show.

In the background is a bitter feud between JYJ and SM Entertainment. Three members of SM’s top manufactured combo TVXQ split and formed JYJ in 2009. SM Entertainment since then used its clout to block JYJ from TV appearances.

In 2013, the Fair Trade Commission found SM Entertainment guilty of interfering with JYJ’s showbiz activities and ordered them to stop, but nothing changed. For the last six years, no JYJ members have been seen on terrestrial or…

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[TWITTER] 150412 Kim Junsu Twitter Update: 7th World Water Forum


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[TRANS] The World Water Forum opening ceremony where Presidents, Kings, Prime Ministers from all over the world were gathered in one place.
Hearing representatives’ discussions about their respective water and speeches on preparing countermeasures, the thought occurred to me that we all need to conserve water. By the way, the simultaneous interpretations[/translations] were very wonderful

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[TRANS] 150407 Nagoya Concert Day 1: Junsu’s ments


Everyone, have you missed me? I wanted to meet you all in Nagoya. Starting with Osaka, Seoul, Shonghai…Ah, Shanghai? haha, Thailand, Tokyo, Fukuoka and today, Nagoya! I’m finally in Nagoya. It’s the last stop in my tour.

It’s the day before the last today, because tomorrow is the last day. It feels like the last day to me though. I will work hard as I feel that way! Ah, it’s my first time in Gashi Hall? It’s been a while? Ah, I was sitting in the dressing room, and I remembered having fun with my members. haha

I’ll sing a new song from my new album now. Ah but, it’s kind of weird to say a ‘new’ song from my ‘new’ album right? haha. Please listen, X Song. (he’s poking fun at his Japanese skills ^^)

I want to master Japanese, but it’s quite tough. I will work hard until…

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