[VIDEO + TRANS] 150331 CJESJYJ: Kim Jaejoong’s Interview before parting for a while


입대 전, 멤버들과 팬들에게 보내는 재중이의 영상 인터뷰

A video interview of JAE JOONG sending a message to his members and fans before leaving for military service

  • Q. Happiest moment in 20s?
    JJ: First when we won the lawsuit against SM. Second, when we release first single album as JYJ. Third, when I got to spent 1 night & 2 days with JYJ members before enlistment when I thought we wouldn’t be able to do it
  • Q. Any words to the two members?
    JJ: Yuchun, Junsu, I will be back. Junsu, we’ll be separated for about 3 years because of the time overlap & we’ve never been apart for that long before but when I get army leave I’ll take the time to go visit you Then we’ll get to see each other;  it’d be fun to watch a soldier go visit another soldier, isn’t it? But that’s what we’ll do…

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