[INTERVIEW] 150331 Park Yuchun Who Transforms into a Senseless Detective


 photo FOREIGN201503311805000307027706758.jpg

[T/N: There is a video of this interview too. Please scroll down to the source and click on the link to watch it.]

Q: Park Yuchun-ssi, you played a cop in <Missing You> and a bodyguard in <Three Days>. Is there a difference between those roles and the role you’re playing this time in comparison?

PYC: A detective in <Missing You> and a bodyguard in <Three Days> but this time, I’m not playing a heavy role; just the role of a policeman. Even though I’m just a policeman but there are many action scenes and there are really many eating scenes. I’m playing a role of a policeman who has no senses and because of that, he blindly dives into any incident to reveal the truth.

Q: You received many congratulatory gifts from your Chinese fans. Do you realize your popularity in China?

PYC: Thank you for loving me. Whenever…

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