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[VIDEO + TRANS] 150331 CJESJYJ: Kim Jaejoong’s Interview before parting for a while


입대 전, 멤버들과 팬들에게 보내는 재중이의 영상 인터뷰

A video interview of JAE JOONG sending a message to his members and fans before leaving for military service

  • Q. Happiest moment in 20s?
    JJ: First when we won the lawsuit against SM. Second, when we release first single album as JYJ. Third, when I got to spent 1 night & 2 days with JYJ members before enlistment when I thought we wouldn’t be able to do it
  • Q. Any words to the two members?
    JJ: Yuchun, Junsu, I will be back. Junsu, we’ll be separated for about 3 years because of the time overlap & we’ve never been apart for that long before but when I get army leave I’ll take the time to go visit you Then we’ll get to see each other;  it’d be fun to watch a soldier go visit another soldier, isn’t it? But that’s what we’ll do…

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[INTERVIEW] 150331 Park Yuchun Who Transforms into a Senseless Detective


 photo FOREIGN201503311805000307027706758.jpg

[T/N: There is a video of this interview too. Please scroll down to the source and click on the link to watch it.]

Q: Park Yuchun-ssi, you played a cop in <Missing You> and a bodyguard in <Three Days>. Is there a difference between those roles and the role you’re playing this time in comparison?

PYC: A detective in <Missing You> and a bodyguard in <Three Days> but this time, I’m not playing a heavy role; just the role of a policeman. Even though I’m just a policeman but there are many action scenes and there are really many eating scenes. I’m playing a role of a policeman who has no senses and because of that, he blindly dives into any incident to reveal the truth.

Q: You received many congratulatory gifts from your Chinese fans. Do you realize your popularity in China?

PYC: Thank you for loving me. Whenever…

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[NEWS] 150331 Kim Jaejoong, spent time late into the night with Park Yuchun the day before ‘military enlistment’ #WaitingforJaejoong


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It was reported that group JYJ member Kim Jaejoong(29) spent time together with same group member Park Yuchun until before his enlistment day.

A representative from Kim Jaejoong’s agency C-JeS Entertainment said to Star News on this day: “Kim Jaejoong spent time till late at night together with Park Yuchun and others a day before enlisting”. The two persons shared a lot of time together during that time and it’s said that they felt regret at having to part for a little while.

Source: Star MT via Daum
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
 Shared by:JYJ3

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[NEWS] 150325 JYJ’s Jaejoong Wishes to Enlist in the Military Quietly

JJ wish!


 photo CA58a-dW8AAjw0N.jpg

JYJ member Kim Jaejoong has expressed his wish to quietly enter into the military without meeting with the press beforehand.

On March 25, a representative of JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, shared, “Kim Jaejoong has expressed his strong desire to enlist quietly, so the agency has decided to respect his intentions,” explaining that the events leading up to his entrance will not be open to the media, but will be held privately.

It is said that the JYJ member will be saying his farewell to fans through his final concert prior to starting his military service.

This coming March 28, Jaejoong will be opening up his solo concert “2015 Kim Jaejoong Concert in Seoul – The Beginning of the End” at Korea University’s Hwajeong Gymnasium.

Source: My Daily via Naver

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Top 10 ways to reduce your CO2 emissions footprint

Help Save Our Planet! Leave your Footprints by doing these steps

Brave New Climate

Top 10 ways to kick the CO2 habit Top 10 ways to kick the CO2 habit

Solving climate change is a huge international challenge. Only a concerted global effort, involving the governments of all nations, will be enough to avert dangerous consequences. But that said, the individual actions of everyday people are still crucial. Large and complex issues, like climate change, are usually best tackled by breaking down the problem into manageable bits.

For carbon emissions, this means reducing the CO2 contribution of each and every one of the six and a half billion people on the planet. But what can you, as an individual person or family, do that will most make a difference to the big picture? Here are my top ten action items, which are both simple to achieve and have a real effect. They are ranked by how much impact they make to ‘kicking the CO2 habit’.

1. Make climate-conscious political…

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